• Thank you very much for your great help with finding our house. We really appreciate your professionalism and great knowledge in guiding us through fast and efficient closing. We definitely recommend you to our friends and family members. Thanks again.

    Aga and Andy, Forest Glen
  • What could have been extremely frustrating situations when dealing with foreclosed properties and REOs, our experience with Carlos and Dream Town was very positive, and yielded highly desirable results. Thank you Carlos, on a job well done!

    D.D. Suguitan and Michael Patock, Jefferson Park
  • You did a great job with everything and I can't thank you enough!!! :)

    Ryan Anzalone, Ravenswood
  • Dream Town Realty is of great service to those searching to find the perfect home. Its access to some of the greatest spots on today's market and the help of its well-informed agents make buying a simple and enjoyable process. Dream Town helped me find the right home in the right place at the right price. Excellent service!
    Aleks Augustynska, Edgewater
  • Sara, Jack and I want to sincerely thank you for assisting us in finding a Condo for Sara to live in while going to Columbia It is in the perfect location for her and she is busy decorating and getting everything ready before the fall semester begins.
    I think I told you after the closing that the best thing I liked about working with you was that you did not bug me. When I initiated a search to see what was available in Chicago for Sara to live downtown, you understood when I told you I was not in any hurry and it would several months before we would really start looking. I really appreciated this and that's why I did not hesitate to contact you after the holidays to start our search.
    You were very interested in what we were looking for and supported our decisions completely. Even when we changed our minds about a purchase, or lowered our price range, you focused on our new criteria. You never made us feel that we had wasted your time. I'm sure we took more than the normal time to purchase a condo but you never became impatient with us or tried to pressure us in any way.

    Since we had to juggle three people's schedules, you made an extra-ordinary effort to be flexible and get the next step accomplished. You made yourself available at any time and were very responsive to our questions and/or concerns. Your timeliness and thoroughness is commendable!
    We also really appreciated the abundance of suggestions and advice. The recommendations of the home inspector, lawyer and mortgage loan officer proved to make the purchase, negotiations and closing a good experience.

    They spoke very highly of you and told us how fortunate we were to have you as our realtor. Nykea, you are not only a great realtor, but a wonderful person to know.

    We feel very lucky to have met you and worked with you. The gift at the closing was a wonderful surprise and icing on the cake! If the situation ever arises, we will be sure to recommend you and Dream Town to anyone looking for real estate.

    Marianne, Sara and Jack Herff, South Loop
  • I sold my place and bought a new one in less than 2 months, got my asking price and am now residing happily in a wonderful condo in an awesome neighborhood. This was made possible by a wonderful website with all sorts of great tools and of course a great agent.   Thanks So Much!!!

  • Susan provided excellent customer service. She was on top of every issue, every step of the way and made everything run smoothly for my first time buying a home.

    Kurt Newsom, Lincoln Park
  • Thank you for showing us all the homes from the Chicago land area. You helped us narrow our search down and we can't be happier with Naperville. You were always extremely professional, and showed great patience. We'll definitely use your services again for our next move.

    Thanh Nguyen, Naperville
  • I love my new space. Thanks for doing such a professional job--and for dealing so well with the feelings part.

    I would recommend you to my friends without hesitation.

    Barbara Payne, South Loop
  • Dear DreamTown,

    I would like to take this time to thank you for your assistance in purchasing my first home. DreamTown was so friendly and gave me a hassle-free time looking for a home. It went so smooth and I was grateful to have chosen them. I am looking forward to referring my family and friends to DreamTown.

    Thank you again DreamTown.

    Maria De Leon, Albany Park
  • We couldn't begin to thank you for everything you have done for us. We really feel like we are now starting our life together. Thanks for making an intimidating process very easy.

    Abigail & Kevin
    South Loop
  • Thank you for helping us find our first dream house. Your knowledge, expertise and your opinion helped us decide on such a big investment. From finding to closing, I thought it went smooth in a matter of two months. I will highly recommend you to anyone that's interested in buying or selling.

    Khen and Maria Sok, Lincoln Square
  • I thought I would finally write and thank you for the great job you did in handling the University Village Loft condo deal for us. From start to finish you were professional yet personable, you were quick to respond to our questions and concerns, and you went above and beyond on so many occasions. You exceeded our every expectation which is something that is extremely hard to come by these days.

    We love our new condo and we feel like we not only got a new home but also got a new friend in you.

    Thanks again for a job well done,
    Paul and Katie Sutherland, University Village
  • I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all your work that you did with me on this whole deal. I really think you are a wonderful realtor who goes beyond the standard. You handled so many details with me, calmed me down with a lot of my fears, and taught me so much about the buildings and process. . . I don't think I could ever work with anyone else in the future!

    So I just wanted to let you know that I thought you were absolutely
    wonderful, and I would refer everyone I know to you and Dream Town!


    Ana Tharakan, West Lakeview
  • I could not have asked for a more professional agent. You were great to work with and we felt comfortable and confident through the entire process knowing that you were by our side. Not only are you a great real estate agent - but you are now a great friend!

    Audrey Westdorp, Gold Coast
  • We have bought and sold real estate in two continents and 5 states but we have never had the opportunity to work with someone as professional and supportive as you.

    As out of town buyers we really appreciated the time you took to familiarize us with the city. After the time we spent together at the beginning of this process we felt like we had a good understanding of the different neighborhoods. It is hard to put a value on just how important the time you took with us at the beginning was but we felt that you went above and beyond.

    In the past we have been inundated with homes to view by our realtors. It was therefore a very refreshing change to be provided exclusively with properties that met our requirements. With young children the prospect of traveling around a city all day looking at properties is not all that appealing. However, the fact that we never wasted a trip, together with the fact that you also helped to keep Gavin entertained when Sadie and I were "snooping around" made it surprisingly enjoyable!!

    The area in which you have most exceeded our expectations has been with the "post sale" services that you have offered, and continue to offer. In every other real estate transaction that I have been through once the money was in the bank the realtor was gone. I could only tell you the name of one other realtor that we have ever used and that is because she ultimately ended up becoming a family friend. None the less, when I told her about everything you had done for us during our process she did not hesitate to tell us how lucky we were and that, in her opinion, you had gone way above anything that could reasonably have been expected by even the most demanding buyer.

    We love our new home and I can assure you that, when it is time to move on, we will not even consider using anyone but you.

    Miles and Sadie Tucker, Near North
  • From the moment we met, I could tell you were committed to finding a home meant for me. Your constant searching and investigation was such an unexpected treat. You were sensitive to items that were important to me and did an excellent job with helping me eliminate choices that weren't worth our time. Your online tools also helped narrow the list and make the most of our searches. You went way above and beyond by attempting to contact multiple cabinet companies for prices to repair some damaged kitchen cabinets. Your response time is amazing! You are so quick to return email and phone messages. When we finally found the right one, I realized that you were as excited as I was because you agreed it was the home meant for me.

    The mortgage company you recommended was exceptional. I could not believe it when both of you were at my closing. I appreciate the dedication.

    I would recommend you to anyone and everyone. You took away all of the headaches and made it an enjoyable experience. Kudos to you, too, for always showing up with bottled water and snacks.

    Thank you again for everything. And while I don't plan to move soon, I do hope you are still in the business when I need another partner in crime.

    Carrah Kalat, Naperville
  • Thanks again for all your help with finding us a great place here in Chicago. We're really happy with the place and work starts next week on a few renovations. We haven't cracked open our champagne yet - but we're planning on enjoying it once our furniture arrives and the place finally feels like home.

    It was really a great experience working with you - we would definitely work with you again and recommend you to any of our friends. We feel really fortunate to have had you as an agent.

    Eric and EJ, Lakeview
  • I just wanted to thank you for helping me buy my first home. There was not a time that I could not call you. You made my home buying experience very smooth and easy going. I want to thank you for your patience and your kindness. When I am ready to sell or buy another house, I will surely give you a call.

    Again, thank you so much, and continue to be the nice hard working person that you are.
    You are the best!!!

    Tora Clegg, Bronzeville
  • Finding your website was the best thing we did to purchase our home! Our real estate agent was available 24/7 and in any location — we really appreciate all the effort she put towards our purchase.

    Thank you!

    Layna and Matthew Maxwell, Woodlawn
  • I thought the quality of Dreamtown and your service was very good. As an IT person, it's always nice to be able to do as much as possible via the Internet.

    I thought your assistance was invaluable. I'm relieved that you were there through every step of the process to schedule visits and coordinate with the other parties involved. .

    I don't know anyone on the market for a new place right now, but I'll keep your in mind if something comes up.

    Thanks again for all your help!


    Natalie Gordon, Lakeview
  • We finally got Phillip settled!! I wanted to let you know just how much Leroy and I appreciated the way you took care of us thru out the entire process. You were excellent and actually went above and beyond what we had expected. Attorney Taylor said we had an very capable agent looking out for us and he enjoyed working with you. If I hear of anyone needing a realty agent in Chicago you can count on us to refer them to you. It was a real pleasure working with you and as I said "people like you give Chicago a good name". After all our phone calls, I am sorry I didn't get to meet you in person.

    Leroy & Mary Kinnison, Lakeview
  • I wanted to take the time to tell you how wonderful you were during the entire process. I do believe I would have thrown myself off a building without your assistance. You were attentive, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. You made first time home buying a lot easier.

    Tell Dream Town they are lucky to have you, as was I.

    Even the broker that secured my loan was impressed. He stated if given the opportunity he will recommend you to some of his clients, friends and family.

    Thanks again,
    Vivian Curtis, The Loop
  • I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for the intelligent and professional approach you brought to our home buying experience.
    Chicago is a large market and the many offerings can present a bewildering choice of neighborhoods and properties. Your listening skills resulted in less wasted time looking at inappropriate properties. In other words, you quickly understood what was important to me and focused on that market sector.
    Dina and I are delighted with our new home. Our daughter, who you worked with last year, is equally happy with her place. Your enthusiasm for your profession made the process fun.
    Keep doing what you're doing!

    Bill and Dina Bevan, Lincoln Park
  • You were great. The place is great and Stacy is moved in if not quite settled. We certainly appreciate all the help you gave us and are enjoying the condo. . . . . . . . . . We couldn't have done it without you. One of the easiest purchases ever, it was my 8th time so I have some benchmark and you were the greatest.

    Gerry Donnelly, Ukrainian Village/East Village
  • I just want to thank you again for a tremendous job. I know I ran you around a lot, but you were fantastic, patient & knowledgeable. We finally found it. Thank God I knew what I wanted/needed and I had a great team-mate to boot. So keep up the great work ethic. I'll be in touch. Thanks again for the great effort, I know how picky I can be.

    Bart Halper, Rogers Park
  • I wanted to thank you for everything you did for us throughout a very difficult buying process. Without your help and patience an already tough situation would have been much harder for us.
    Fortunately almost everything is finished except for a couple of punch list items, and after a year of waiting we're finally beginning to enjoy our new place.

    Mike Soucy and Kristen Apple
  • We wanted to thank you for all of your help in getting us into our new place in the city. We have the place completely furnished and just about finished inside. We're getting a lot of use out of it and really enjoy the neighborhood we chose to buy in. Your attention to detail and professionalism is truly second to none and we will gladly use your services again when the need arises.

    Alan Taylor & Dan Anderson, Uptown
  • We would like to thank you for all of your help in finding us the home of our dreams. We appreciate all of your efforts, from the numerous calls and emails, unexpected home viewings, and negotiations done on our behalf. The home buying experience is very difficult and being a first time homebuyer there were many unexpected issues we encountered that if not for your expertise there would have been very different outcomes. We thank you for explaining every step of the home buying process, sometimes repeatedly. Although we know you have other clients, we never felt rushed or pressed for time even when we added last minute home viewings. All of our questions and concerns were addressed promptly. Thank you so very, very much. We could not have done it without you.

    Adrian and Elridge Traylor, South Hollan
  • I was extremely pleased with the website and the customer service at Dream Town. My agent was extremely helpful and patient. I eventually found an awesome condo!

    Elise Allen, Lakeview
  • I want to thank you for making our home purchase go so smoothly. From our first contact via the internet, I had a feeling that you wouldn't let us down. Searching for an investment property as an out-of-towner could have been a disaster. Thankfully, you made everything easy for us: only taking Hannah to see properties that were truly feasible for her and for us, setting us up with a property inspector, recommending a closing attorney, and explaining the procedures for condo purchase in Chicago (things are a little different from what we have here in New York). We were able to accomplish the purchase in record time without a hitch.

    Kathi, Robert, and Hannah Berson, Lakeview
  • I would hope that you know how very much we appreciate the time and effort you have put into showing us units for our first condo purchase and again when we began our search for a second. You have never made us feel pressured or obligated and your experience in and knowledge of the market is remarkable.

    Terry and Christina McCann, Lakeview
  • First of all, thanks for the wine basket! I really appreciate all of your work (and patience). I will be sure to pass your name on to any of my colleagues that are looking to purchase downtown. You made a stressful process a lot simpler - and for that I thank you.

    Emily Brauer, Buena Park
  • I have been blessed to have met you. I was looking for a house and after I was introduced to you by a good friend my dreams came true. I was able to get the house I wanted, your patience and skills along with your resourcefulness have made it possible for my family to have the home of our dreams.

    Sharon A. Lightfoot , Austin
  • Thank you for being so terrific at what you do. I would have never gotten through the 30 day closing roller coaster, moved, and settled if you hadn't been “going to bat” for me each step of the way. You were responsive, present, and efficient when I needed you most, and I'm extremely grateful for all that you did to settle my nerves and help me through the process. I love my new place.

    Chandra, Andersonville
  • We had a great experience in the purchase of our first home. Both being new to the process, we were initially full of questions. But the whole process went so smoothly that by the end of it we were just proud homeowners. Thanks for all your efforts on the scene as well as behind the scene to make this experience such a fun and exciting memory.

    Paul and Grace, Ukrainian Village
  • In all the years we have dealt with realtors, Violet is at the top of them all! She is very professional, knows her business and most of all really cares for her clients. She listened very carefully to what my husband and my needs and desires were, and then worked very diligent, selecting about 9 properties for us to visit in the West Loop. After seeing a few of the properties, Violet already a very good idea of what I liked and what I didn't. She spent the entire day with me and we found 2 properties that I sort of liked, but was uncertain of the location. She never placed any pressure on me about any property and gave me room to think and decide for myself. Then upon our last viewing, Wow!!!!, that was it. She found the perfect condo that would meet our needs and the needs of our growing family - the grandkids!!!! Even after the closing, Violet contacted with me to make sure all was well and upon moving in, made a visit to our new home. That is really connecting!!!! And in today's techie society, where we so often feel just like another number, Violet not only found us a beautiful place to live, but made us feel that we had a friend! Thank you Violet for the integrity and real caring which you bring into your profession.

    Moni and Gus, West Loop
  • As foreign investors and completely unaware about Chicago real estate market we started at first looking through our friends network working on this business. In parallel we initiated our own research on the web through different channels. That was when Arielle popped up by making a big difference with anyone else. Arielle impressed us for her quick understanding of our needs, her honesty and valuable advises. We felt like not having other option left than working with Arielle being our realtor. We ended up having Arielle helping us out with renting a house too and we felt like having a trusted friend to our service without expecting anything in return. Arielle just know about all the facets of her business.

    Claudio Occhipinti, Gold Coast
  • When our work led us to relocate to the Chicago area, where we knew virtually no one, we faced a daunting list of challenges. Rachel Dunnill came to our attention through routine house hunting on the Dreamland website. Appointing her as our realtor was the most important and advantageous decision we made in our move. Along the way, which ended up being an exhausting yearlong journey, she proved to be a stable, patient and encouraging force in our lives. Because we lived on the other side of the continent we needed her to carry an unusually heavy load for us, including finding houses, mortgage firms and brokers, a lawyer, a compatible builder, and an ideal community in which to live. She won our trust and respect because she was a good listener who grasped fully what we wanted, an optimist who avoided groundless good cheer. We found her work ethic to be of the highest order and her breadth of knowledge of the juggernaut which is Chicagoland, precisely what we required. When it came time to close, she demonstrated a courage, tack, loyalty, and determination that left us awed (and many thousands of dollars better off than we anticipated). In short, she was a first rate realtor. For these reasons alone we would commend her, but our circumstances meant that we had to trust her with information, documents, and decisions one would normally reserve for a lawyer. She demonstrated scrupulous integrity and was completely trustworthy a model of the highest professional ethics. For her character as well as her competence, we commend her unreservedly.

    George and Bev Durance, Bloomingdale
  • Dedicated. Resourceful. Experienced. Accessible. Motivated. Dreamtown Realty--their agents are a dream come true! I am so glad that they helped me purchase my first home. Cynthia was amazing from day one! After an unfruitful experience with another agency and after various online searches on my own, I found a condo that I liked on Dream Town's website late one Sunday night. I sent an e-mail requesting a Wednesday showing. Cynthia called me back the next morning and even agreed to move the showing to that day! That single act impressed me greatly and led to a wonderful experience of buying a new home. I was so impressed that Cynthia was so attentive and available. Whenever I had a question, I'd call or e-mail her and she'd respond quickly. Oftentimes, Cynthia would contact me, "just checking in", which would comfort and impress me immensely. Her gentleness and genuineness kept me quite calm and focused during a process that is known to be emotionally, as well as financially, taxing. Greg and I met after I'd worked with Cynthia for a short time. Our first encounter was on an awful, rainy day, but Greg's light-heartedness and sense of humor brought a ray of sunshine to what could have continued to be a gloomy day. When it was time for me to put down earnest money, I appreciated Greg's take-charge approach in the negotiation. It was firm, but respectful of both the seller's agent and me. He asked great questions and explained things clearly. Greg definitely had my best interest at heart. I still laugh about the times Greg and I went to showings at places that were not quite what we were told they'd be. Even after 2 or 3 experiences that could have proven to discourage me, I came away hopeful, encouraged that there would be a place for me. Greg's upbeat nature was contagious. Whatever anyone is looking for, a first-time home or an investment property, they should look no further than Dream Town Realty. Cynthia and Greg, themselves, are a dream come true!

    Lori Martin, Hollywood Park
  • Kelly offers more than just advice on finding a home; she brings to the table years of valuable experience that we felt was unparalleled by all other realtors we interviewed. My wife and I were looking for a home to fit us but we needed a realtor to offer advice not only based on our needs and personality, but insight on neighborhoods and long term investment potential. Whether you're a first time home owner (like us) or an experienced buyer/seller, Kelly is an incredibly talented realtor that you would be fortunate to work with. Kelly took all the hassle and worry out of buying a home and made us feel like we had done it all before. Kelly spent the time to pay attention to our needs, and used her skill to track down a house that has now become our home; and that in itself is priceless!

    Thanks Kelly!

    Daniel and Lynsey Cysewski, Deerfield
  • Kelly did an outstanding job for us. She was very familiar with all the areas downtown and knew exactly what we were looking for. She has a great personality and was really fun to work with. We never felt pressured to make a decision, but when we were ready, she moved very quickly and efficiently closed our deal. We would not hesitate to recomend Kelly and would call her first if we ever want to sell or look again downtown. Kelly was great!

    Julie and Dave DeVries, Gold Coast
  • Lauren: I believe your strength is a keen knowledge of the market from neighborhood to neighborhood, and of the buying process from soup to nuts. Working with you is like having a great tour guide in a foreign country. I look forward to working with you again.
  • Lauren was very thorough and timely with her help on my project. She took the lead and made sure I was kept informed.
  • Recently, my husband and I moved from the city to a new townhouse in Hoffman Estates. We were lucky enough to work with Rick Panlilio. He was an excellent communicator and advocate through the renting and association process. He gave frequent updates as well as encouragement when needed. He went out of his way to come at night or early in the morning, and even with extra paperwork to assure no details were forgotten. Weeks later, he was thoughtful enough to check in how the new place was so far. Even in the most difficult situations, I was reassured to know Rick was going to help us through it all. I could not thank him enough for all his time and effort.

    Kelley Sedlacek, Hoffman Estates
  • Lauren and Dreamtown Realty where amazing. Lauren was on top of every detail and always there to answer any and all questions and concerns that my wife and I may have had. What I thought would be a very difficult experience could not have turned out with a better result. I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking at a short sale proceedings to contact Lauren and let a true professional handle this challenging experience with for you.

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